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Most of the people in Pakistan want to make money online but they don’t know where to and how to start working online. So, I have written this article to help people like you who are seriously looking to make a career in the online world. In today’s era, if you are smart enough then you can have multiple income stream sources to help yourself as well as to sustain your family. We all dream and we want complete our wishes but it can’t be completed until you leave your comfort zone because comfort zone is where you waste your whole life. When you think about making money online in Pakistan by staying at home then you are just a few hurdles away to make it happen for you. The beauty of earning cash online is that you don’t need to have any status or to be in a class like upper class etc. No matter, if you are the person who belongs to lower class, middle class or upper class this making money online world is for everyone. You just need to have a good personal computer, 1mb or 2mb internet connection speed and some essential desktop applications such as graphic designing, office suite or related software products with your skillset in which are efficient. 

Alright, you are looking for a guide on how to make money online while working at home in Pakistan. In this guide, I have tried my level best to mention the more than 20 ways with which you can help you in understanding how you can start earning money online. There are so many ways but I will be going to discuss most working and newbies friendly ones that in which you will just need to start taking action. If you are someone who just wants to have knowledge of online working methods then it’s okay to have know-how but if you are someone who wants to really make a living by working online in Pakistan then you should take it very seriously because there are so many Pakistanis I know who are earning substantial income by doing online work.

I often read questions on websites such as Quora.com, Fixya.com and related in which most questions are related to how can students really make money online.  So, those students from Pakistan can also get the benefit of this detailed guide to starting making money online as a school, college, university student. You can choose to work online as part time or full time and continue your study as well but you must possess skills to manage your time. Let’s dive into the guide now without wasting your much time.

Top 25 which can you help you on how to start earning online from Pakistan by working at home.

I have listed down over 20 ways along with detailed information for those people who don’t have proper knowledge of these platforms. All you have to do is to choose the suitable one to start working online. Stick to one method, become master in it and then go for other if you are ready to earn from other platforms. But if you want to start freelancing in Pakistan then I would say only give time to freelancing because I have seen so many individuals who run organization now they started from freelancing and now they are the owner of digital agencies.

Start Working as a Freelancer

What is freelancing?

The meaning of freelancer is who works an independent and doesn’t need work for an employer like many people do jobs. People who do jobs have to work for online one company but in the world of freelancing it is not same. You become independent contractor when you choose to freelance and don’t need to commit to long-term or a single employer. You are absolutely free to work for multiple organizations or clients.

How Does It Work?

No need to get confused about how you will get paid. Freelance platforms work in this way: The client post a project on the freelance website then you apply for in form of bid you wish to work on after reading project description very carefully. If the client likes your bid proposal then he/she will message you to discuss further and ask questions such as how you will complete, deadline, ask for portfolio etc. You must satisfy clients with your communication skills as well as by providing portfolio if you have. Then he will award/hire you for his/her project and create milestone/escrow payment which will be deposited in the freelance website it will be only released upon your request once you submit your work to a client. You can ask a question about milestone/escrow payment if you have any confusion in a comment box.

Get started with following freelancing websites

Following are websites in which I will guide on how you can start working with each platform to start your freelancing career and earn home income for your family.


I have personally worked in Freelancer.com and have over 5 years’ experience of using this platform. You can have a look at my profile’s screenshot shared below and see till now I have completed over 230 Projects. You can follow to the point steps to get started with freelancer.com website.

First of all visit this link to sign up for your freelancer dot com if you don’t have any account yet. If you have created an account in past and have not worked it then I would recommend to use that old account by forgetting the password to get back account.

Freelancer.com Sign Up - Image

Note: You can choose to create a username with your service based name such a Sam writer, Sam designer etc. It will help clients recognize you that you know about writing or designing.

  • Select Skills:

You will be asked to select skills if you are a writer then select skills related to your writing if you have any other skills then select accordingly.

Freelancer Skills Selection - Image

  • Enter Complete Profile Details:

Step by step you will need to add complete profile details the more you provide information the more chances you will increase to win project. Following details must be to filled.

  • Profile Name Example: Abdul Sami
  • Profile Description Example: You can see in shared image below, the profile description is after name Abdul Sami which starts with Copywriting. Warning: This is just for example copying it may result in getting your account banned.
  • Uploading Profile Pic With Smiling Face: Upload your personal profile picture or relevant to your skills. Don’t upload cartoon or dumb images this is a platform to earn not for gossips.
  • Set Hourly Rate: I would recommend you to set hourly rate $5 per hour minimum.

Freelancer.com Profile - Image

  • Start Browsing Jobs/Projects and Start Bidding


  • Payment Proof:

I have been in the place where I used to think that what if after creating an account I don’t get a project or I got scammed. That is why I am sharing payment proof with you so that you can get motivated and give your 100% dedication to start earning online.


After Freelancer Dot Com, I thought to give a try to Fiverr.Com because I heard a lot about it that most of the Pakistani freelancers are getting orders on this platform. I tried my luck and end really getting orders. In Fiverr.com Project is called Order.

Fiverr is different from other freelancing platforms it works mostly on your already Gigs built for clients ready to order. If you don’t know what a GIG is or what it means then you read. The meaning of Gig is simply a service in the form digital you provide like convert DOC to PDF, write an article or design a logo. I have shared examples of gigs which can you give better idea. In Fiverr, a client visit placed an order on your gig directly rather you go and bid for the project. There is an option for applying projects which is Called “Buyer Requests” in which you have to apply for project offers to win.

To create an account on Fiverr Dot Com, click on the given link and then click on Join, sign up pop up will get opened after you click on join button. Now enter the email address from which you wish to join then enter or directly sign up with Google Email or Facebook account then choose Username and password then press enter or click on Join your account will be created – Make sure to verify your email address after you sign up.

  • Enter Complete Profile Details:

Now go to “My Profile” option by click on Icon shown at right side of the top and you will enter all the details such as Profile Description, to make your profile look legitimate.

  • Example of Good Profile:

You can get a better idea from this profile to make your profile better to attract clients.

Fiverr Profile - Image

  • Create Gigs To Sell Your Services

You must be confident to provide skills in which are efficient. Follow These Steps To Create Your First Gig:

  • Step 1: Click On Selling>Gigs
  • Step 2: You will find this button Create A Gig - Image at the right side.
  • Step 3: Enter Gig Title e.g. “I will do data entry work for you”, select category related to the service you are providing, and write search tags such as data entry, data processing. Note this is just example.
  • Step 4: Other steps are already mentioned on fiverr.com follow and complete the process. (Thori mehnat khud bhi karlo :p)
  • Payment Proof:

I have shared also shared payment proof for you to know that it really works and you can earn.

  • People Per Hour: